The City of Cunningham is governed by a mayor and city council system.

Mayor:  Roberta Kobbe

Council Members: Alan Albers, Rick Oller, Frank Strohl, and Troy Stark

City Clerk: David Steffen

City Treasurer: Lois Becker

Residents in Dresden Township(North of US 54) and Residents in Rural Township(south of 54) vote in the Cunningham Community Center.

City Elections are held at the Cunningham Community Center. Cunningham is in Kingman County Commission District 3.

Commissioner: Bob Sterneker, 298-4225

Dresden Township Board Members: Kevin Halderson, 298-2411; John Huffman, 298-2715; Robert Bainum, 298-2443

Rural Township Board Members: Gary Sterneker, 298-2226; Robert Renner, 298-3225; Ed Albers, 298-4288